What is a reasonable bandwidth usage for a RT multiplayer game?

by Bram   Last Updated June 26, 2017 18:13 PM

My game uses UDP communication only. Meaning: after the lobby connect (performed by Google Play Services), not a single TCP transmission is made. Only unreliable messages are used.

The game is currently one versus one, and the players transmit a little over 16Kbit/sec in datagrams in a steady stream. (2 kbyte/sec.) It also receives the same steady 16kbit/sec from the other party of course. These numbers do not include packet headers.

The player experience is pretty good, even with players between continents.

What I would like to know: is 16Kbit/sec considered normal, high or low?

I intend to add a 2vs2 mode, which would triple both the send and receive network volume. Could I get away with that? Where can I find references to typical bandwidth use in real time games?

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