Adding live device-to-device streaming video?

by Fattie   Last Updated April 16, 2017 17:13 PM

I want to add 1-to-few streaming video to a game in the iOS/Android milieu.

(IE: one person points their phone and videos something; a few other phone users around the world can watch the video in real time.)

There seems to be some confusion over what platform to use for this, looks good but they don't offer a clodu service: they basically have a server (which you install and maintain yourself on AWS) and then the two sdks. seems to do what I describe, but the skds have not been updated for two years. seems to be just confusing (what is it they offer, a cloud service, a server?) possibly looks good, but they're a bit unheard of.

Twilio is a major, known service - but it's more for "calls" right than one to few (or one to many) video?

What's the deal on this?

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