MacBook 7,1 randomly shutting down (shutdown cause -102)

by Priv   Last Updated August 01, 2020 13:12 PM

I have a MacBook 7,1 (mid 2010) and sometimes it randomly shuts down. This only happens when I am doing something very resource intensive (like gaming). After the shutdown I can use my Mac for "normal" things without any issues, but as soon as I do the same thing as before the shutdown, it will shutdown again.

When checking the console, it says "Previous shutdown cause: -102". The only thing I could find was "Overvoltage shutdown protection", but I wouldn't know why there would be an overvoltage. Disconnecting the charger and using the battery doesn't help.

Resetting the SMC seems to help, but after a month or so the problem starts occurring again. I ran an Apple Hardware Test (both regular and extended version) and it doesn't find any issues. What can be causing this? Is it an issue with the motherboard?

Just to make sure: Is it possible that it's the 6G SSD (Samsung 860 EVO) that I installed (while my Mac officially only supports 3G), somehow messing things up?

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