Mac osx boot devfs_kernel_mount: kernel_mount failed: 2

by PartySoft   Last Updated January 14, 2018 04:12 AM

I recently been adding things to my nvram and I think I broke it for good. I have one of those Mac Book Pro 8,2 with El Capitan 10.11.5 and I was fixing the problem described here (I have one of those toasted discrete gfx cards)

And tt did work once I was able to boot with the Intel 3500HD, was so happy, but then something weird happened: the system won't boot at all, It gives up when it tries to boot and no kernel panic is shown .Probably kernel is not even loaded

devfs_kernel_mount: kernel_mount failed: 2.

I think I either messed with files on my partition or with nvram partition How can I know why do I have this error? I can't really reinstall the system because the installation CD won't switch to graphic mode, if this is a corruption of my filesystem..

boot screencap

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