Please help unlock passcode of a jailbroken iPad/iPhone using TransLock Bruteforce Tool. Anyone ever successful or know of an alternative solution?

by viotcr   Last Updated January 13, 2018 22:12 PM

I have a jailbroken iPad 3 that I haven't touched in a couple of years, and forgot the 4-digit passcode. The MacBookPro that I used to backup and sync the iPad recently crashed. So, I cannot connect and restore the iPad without losing my precious data; particularly a book's manuscript that I was partially writing in Notes.

After 9 failed attempts, I am down to my last attempt before the iPad is locked. I've tried numerous applications to try and backup the iPad in DFU/Restore mode to no avail.

Then I came across: Majd Alfhaily's post where he was able to accomplish the exact task that I am trying to do using his TransLock Brutefore tool. I tried to replicate his work, but my programming skills are limited. I got as far as downloading his libTransLock file on my GitHub...(

Does anyone know how to compile or execute his work? Has anyone else been successful at bypassing the passcode on a jailbroken iPad/ iPhone using TransLock or another tool? Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.


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