Autodialling app that allows timed selection of phone line menu options

by user66001   Last Updated August 01, 2020 13:11 PM

I have searched the Google Play store with a number of likely terms to find this, and Googled also, only to find "simplistic" options for auto dialling.

Am trying to get through to a government department that allows call backs, but don't just want to select the number at a pre-determined interval from the last call (to give their system a chance to clear some of those call backs), something I can relatively easily do myself, it would be most helpful to have dialpad numbers sent down the line at predetermined times once the phone connects, so I don't have to wait to be able to select each of them.

This seems like it would be the most programmatically simple part of a auto dialler app. Does an app to do this really not exist for Android?

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