Phone out of storage when SD card is present

by Inferry   Last Updated November 08, 2017 23:11 PM

I have a BLU Studio G with Android 4.4.2 (KitKat I believe?)

It has 4GB of internal memory

with 2.34GB available, System is 1.66GB

It also has an SD card with 14.41GB of which 10.08GB are free

Whenever I try to install or update an app it sends the message where I need to uninstall or delete stuff to get some room; The storage entry in settings shows a colored bar with almost all of the internal memory being full with "media" despite having none on it at all.

Is only when I unmount the SD card when the phone suddenly realizes that it has more than enough room to install and update stuff, but now it can't because the apps are on the SD card.

As long as the card is unmounted, the data in Storage makes sense, but whenever the card is in, it says there are 2.34GB available, it also says that I have 2.58GB of audio, which are on the card but somehow adds them to the internal memory, and the Clear cache option disappears.

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