Android Phone Storage Full due to APKs

by gsinha   Last Updated September 26, 2017 13:11 PM

My OnePlus Two has 64GB Internal Storage and no SD card. It shows Phone Storage Full warning. When I investigated, I saw below stats and am unable to free space.

Settings > Storage & Memory > Storage & USB Internal Storage 53.62 GB Used of 54.00 GB

Break Up

Apps      14.00 GB
Images   565 MB
Videos    8.00 KB
Audio     44.00 KB
Other      38.94 GB
Cached Data   3.64 MB

I clicked "Others". Next, "Explore" > "File Manager" > "Categories" > "Phone Storage" > "Storage Information".

Images   170.57 MB
Audio      1.98 GB
Video      1.02 GB
Others    14.9 GB
Archives   538.09 KB
Apks          35.46 GB
Documents   117.16 MB
Available        339.48 MB

When I check "apks", I see several apks for each app (which are presently installed or were installed in past). It looks like on each update of the apps, the apk file for each update in present on my phone.

I have tried some uninstalling apps but that does not remove all apks. I still see several apks for each app which I uninstall.

Example of apk names.

Facebook_140.  86.2 MB 
Facebook_141.  86.2 MB 
Facebook_136.  82.37 MB 
Facebook_135.  81.79 MB 
Facebook_130.  81.77 MB 
Facebook_134.  80.69 MB 
Facebook_132.  80.55 MB 
Facebook_131.  79.53 MB 
Facebook_114.  69.49 MB

Similarly for each other app on my phone.

Please help. Any solution other than phone reset ?

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