Website speed is awful

by LukeBurke_PremierEPOS   Last Updated August 08, 2018 13:10 PM

I work as an apprentice web developer who has been left in charge of the web team (all of my colleagues have left) and have been left with an impossible task.

We have a 10-core Windows server, with more than enough memory, and host multiple Joomla! websites, as well as custom-built HTML and PHP websites. There are no issues with the custom-built websites, all loading is instant. However, all of the Joomla! websites (all are eCommerce) are so slow and can take 30 seconds to load.

I have ran multiple speed tests on the websites and believe me, i know what most of you are thinking.

"Reduce image size and compress CSS and JavaScript"

I have already done this. The issue lies with TTFB (Time To First Byte), as this can take up the whole 30 seconds.

The following website shows you the TTFB.

This is just one of the Joomla! websites that we host and i can provide more if needed. You can also check the speeds using Google Chrome DevTools, but it will just tell you the same thing.

Like I said, it is this that is causing the issue and would greatly appreciate some assistance in this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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