Joomla registration emails not sending

by Healyhatman   Last Updated October 13, 2017 01:10 AM

I'm having a problem getting Joomla to send the user registration / activation emails, and getting it to send the Test Email on the Server->Email settings section. I have multiple websites running on the server and they're all having the same issue. Joomla is up to date and PHP Version 7.0.23

I also tried just making a test php file:

mail('','This is a test message subject','This is a test message body');
echo 'Mail sent.'; 

No errors come up, but nothing gets sent. The mail.log file shows

[13-Oct-2017 00:56:30 UTC] mail() on [/path/public_html/]: To: -- Headers: 

There aren't any email problems on other parts of the site.

  • Sending a mass mail works
  • Chronoforms is correctly sending emails
  • Creating a user in the backend of the page will send the "You have been added as a user" email

I'm using PHP Mail - using SMTP is not really viable.

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