3.6x Administrator - add class to squeezebox iframe on popup

by iamrobert   Last Updated November 22, 2016 08:04 AM

My goal is to be able to change the content within AddtoMenu - so I can set the language by default rather than "all" - I want "en-gb" or "zh-TW" etc. based on my content type (am using FLEXIcontent).

AddtoMenu uses squeezebox to trigger iframe - and I can't work out how to edit the squeezebox iframe content. I can manipulate the #sbox-window its held in:

if ($("#jform_language").val() === "en-GB") {

But how do I add a class to the iframe when it pops opens?

<a href="index.php?rl_qp=1&folder=administrator.modules.mod_addtomenu&file=popup.php&comp=item_old&vars[view]=item&vars[cid]=358&vars[option]=com_flexicontent&vars[task]=items.edit" class="btn btn-small addtomenu_link modal hasTooltip" title="<strong>Add to Menu</strong><br>Content item" rel="{handler: 'iframe', size: {x: 600, y: 670}}"><span class="icon-reglab icon-addtomenu"></span> Add to Menu</a> 

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