Joomla 3 helloworld component category

by Anthony   Last Updated August 12, 2016 08:06 AM

After i follow joomla "Developing an MVC Component" Document until step 15- "Adding ACL"

Link -

everything works,

then i tried add a new view "category",but not work,

here is my code:

in admin fields folder,i create a hellocategory.php most code same with helloword,just change

protected $type = 'HelloCategory';

 * Method to get a list of options for a list input.
 * @return  array  An array of JHtml options.
protected function getOptions()
    $db    = JFactory::getDBO();
    $query = $db->getQuery(true);
    // custom
    $query->select(' as id,#__categories.title as category,#__categories.extension as exten');
    $query->where($db->quoteName('extension') . ' LIKE '. $db->quote('com_helloworld'));
    // end custom
    $db->setQuery((string) $query);
    $messages = $db->loadObjectList();
    $options  = array();


class HelloWorldViewCategory extends JViewLegacy
     * Display the Hello World view
     * @param   string  $tpl  The name of the template file to parse; automatically searches through the template paths.
     * @return  void
    function display($tpl = null)
        // Assign data to the view
        $category = $this->get('Item');

        // Check for errors.
        if (count($errors = $this->get('Errors')))
            JLog::add(implode('<br />', $errors), JLog::WARNING, 'jerror');

            return false;

        // Display the view


<layout title="Category">
    <fieldset name="request">


<?php var_dump($category); ?>

output is Null

The Admin Menu works,but frontend can't get any items in that category data, is there any about develop single category view document or sample online? i tried google for solution four days,but still no idea, or the only way is get data from database? Many Thanks!

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