Error 500 on page reload after move to another domain // Permission problem?

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I am trying to move a magento plateform from a domain to another (in a sub folder). To do that, i referred to this tutorial:

I think i succeed to change url modifications and database connexions because the first time i try to go the le site, the homepage worked well.

Unfortunately, then i notice when i reload this homepage i get an 500 error: Internal Server Error...

First i thought about a permission error. So i double checked the permission and i tried the magento-cleanup.php script:

I think it reset well file permissions because just after this script finished, i was able to go to the home again. But on reload the same error come back and i have to redo the process (error > script > work > reload > error).

For information, i have configure memory_limit to 128M.

Could it be a miss configuration in the database which break the permissions?

Any advice will be welcomed.

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Answers 1

This is more of a guess, but it's most likely not a problem with the database. You might try these to find out what causes this error:

Clear cache from Magento panel

Go to System > Cache Management and clear all caches. Or even better disable them for the time of debugging. This will make sure, that all cache is cleared.

Check RewriteBase in .htaccess

Make sure that RewriteBase in your .htaccess file matches site's new location. You may also want to check if it is a rewrite problem. If doesn't work try You might even try turning off pretty urls in rewrites in System > Configuration > Web > Search Engines Optimisation

Check Apache/PHP logs

Check server logs for anything that might cause the error.

Check Magento logs

They are located in var/log folder of your Magento root. If you can't find any please check if they are enabled in System > Configuration > Developer > Log settings.

Maciek Lewkowicz
Maciek Lewkowicz
March 06, 2015 07:17 AM

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