Individual Prices: 4.000 Customers - 13.000 products. What to do?

by Jörg P.   Last Updated October 04, 2018 08:09 AM

Following situation: I will have ~4000-5000 customers and ~13.000 products on a Magento2 shop. Most of the customers have individual prices (on single products, product groups, etc.).

The prices are calculated within the ERP which is connected to the shop. In the current version of the shop at the product listing site every customer only sees the standard prices. If a product is added to the shopping cart an order simulation to the ERP is carried out and if the customer has an individual price the price is updated.

In future the customer should see his individual price already on the product listing page.

It takes quite long to calculate all custom prices for all products within the ERP.

The idea is: The ERP calculates once a matrix containing all prices for all products for every customer and export it to a database. After an initial export only updates will be synchronized to the database to keep the ERP load as low as possible.

Magento is connected to this price database through a custom connector.

Questions: Is this a suitable approach? How can the prices be transferred to Magento? Develop a connector which creates a shared catalogue for every single customer?

I'm new to Magento and it would really help me if you share your experiences.

Thanks in advance!

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