Make one of article X free, if article Y is N times in the cart

by Black   Last Updated September 18, 2018 15:09 PM

I have an article "Wood" (Articlenumber 1115). If the user puts 42 wood in the cart, then he should get one Axe for free, but he must put the Axe to his cart himself, because he has too choose one.

The axes which he can choose have the following article numbers:

521537, 521538, 521517, 521518, 521527, 521528

I created this rule as Condition (sorry for the german UI, I translated some strings)

enter image description here

This is the action (again: I translated it from german to english):



If the user puts 42 Wood in the cart and then one axe, then it works and the axe is for free!

But if the customer puts another axe which is in the article number list to the cart, then it is also free, but I want to gift the customer only one axe.

What am I doing wrong?

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