How to debug if magento 1 reach xml file, or xml tag?

by dexter00x   Last Updated July 24, 2018 22:09 PM

when I need to knowif magento search a php file or method, I just put Mage::log("controller is loaded")

but, How can I do something like that for xml tags or files? it is really hard to work like that, for example, if I put router tag instead routers tag, or update instead updates tag, there is nothing that will let me know, just now I am like 2 days trying to load a single block but magento has not a way to tell me what is wrong, seems that I will need to do all from scratch since I can not debug if config xml is fine or not(or maybe another xml file, I can just not know it), so, is there a way to know if magento is loading a xml file or if it is searching a xml tag?

Tags : xml debug

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