I can't add products to cart/wishlist as a guest, but it works when logged in

by Gork   Last Updated January 13, 2018 17:09 PM

When trying to add a product to the cart or wishlist as a guest, I get the "Please enable cookies in your web browser to continue." page.

When I log in as a customer andtry to add a product to the cart or wishlist it works. If I log out (now I'm a guest again) I can also add products to the cart/wishlist.

I confirmed that guest and customer sessions are saved in var/session.

I tried different session cookie settings in the Magento backend, but so far that didn't change a thing.

I can reproduce this behavior on different browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari,...).

Right now I'm making little whimpering sounds of desperation, so any help is welcome... ;)

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