Magento remarketing tag

by Matheus Portela   Last Updated January 13, 2018 12:09 PM

I have a magento remarketing tag but I can not configure it correctly. I have the following parameters:

var google_tag_params = {
ecomm_prodid: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
ecomm_pagetype: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
ecomm_totalvalue: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
dynx_itemid: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
dynx_itemid2: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
dynx_pagetype: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',
dynx_totalvalue: 'REPLACE_WITH_VALUE',

This returns me the following errors:

Number field should not be quoted: 'ecomm_totalvalue'
Number field should not be quoted: 'dynx_totalvalue'

I have already tried setting up data layers but with no success. And after a lot of searching too, I did not find anything that could help me do the same setup on magento. Thanks in advance.

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