Difference between total_due & base_total_due

by Goose84   Last Updated January 12, 2018 18:09 PM

When I get order data I can see there is total_due and base_total_due. My question is what is the difference between these?

Basically I get to see if the order has been paid fully and unsure which I should check

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On order tables,you cansee lot of columns name start with base_ .

base_ save price in base currency and non base_ save current currency price value.

It created for bcoz of Multi currencies.

Suppose,you have a store which has multi currency USD, Euro

And USD is used base currency at magento and Euro is another currency at magento.So when you have place an order 100Euro from the store which current currency is euro then magento save 121 USD In base_.* column and *. column save 100.And magentoa admin,you have set Euro to USD conversion rate is 1.21.

Amit Bera
Amit Bera
January 12, 2018 17:36 PM

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