Magento 2: On product page HTTP ERROR 500

by sh hjr   Last Updated December 28, 2016 08:03 AM

System: Magento 2.1

Everithyng was running fine 5 minuts ago. I had 3 Products in my Catalog (all using the same Attribute Set). Then I simply deleted 2 Attributes from my (currently in use) Attribute Set via Admin Panel. Then via Magento CLI I did cache:clean , cache:flush, indexer:reindex -> then Deleted Browser Cache.

In Browser I reloaded my webshop (everithyng looks fine). When I click on a Product -> Product Page loads and gives HTTP ERROR 500.

Everything else on my Webshop works fine, just all my Product Pages give me the same HTTP ERROR 500 error.

Answers 1

For the unexpected error (e.g 500), we should enable error reporting on the bootstrap:


ini_set('display_errors', -1) // Should enable error reporting with -1 value.

In your case, we need to check the places where you call your your custom attributes which has been deleted.

Khoa TruongDinh
Khoa TruongDinh
December 28, 2016 13:44 PM

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