Issue with the Browse files button

by Magento Team   Last Updated December 12, 2017 22:09 PM

I have a Magento website upgraded from to CE and there is an issue with the file uploads after the upgrade. In CMS page or CMS block if I try to upload an image or file that does not work.

When I click the browse files button nothing happens. I checked for the .swf files in media, removing or adding those files seems to have no effect.

Other websites I have works fine. So I don't think this will be an issue regarding the flash player in the browser.

Does anyone know the solution for this issue?


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Did you ever find the solution for this? I am not able to upload any images, when I click upload, it says complete but the image does not appear. Anyone can help?

Pablo Lanatta
Pablo Lanatta
December 12, 2017 21:16 PM

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